For Excellent Training In Travel & Tourism

Travel & Tourism is the fastest growing industry in the world. In India too tourism business is growing with more airlines operating flights within the country and more international carriers operating into India. Growth in travel & tourism leads to development of infrastructure such as roads, hotels and transport facilities and it results in all round economic growth of the country.

A growing industry also needs trained staff to handle the increase volume of traffic. Akbar Academy was established in the year 2003 by Akbar Travels of India, India”s No.1 Travel Company, to meet the growing demand for trained personnel in the tourism and travel industry. There is a great demand for Airline courses and tourism training. There are 12 Academy Centers around India, offering a wide variety of IATA-UFTAA courses and short term diploma courses to suit the students” requirement. The courses train the students and work in all segments of the industry such as Airlines, CRS systems, Travel Agencies, Airports, Tour Operators
IATA Courses

International Air Transport Association has developed courses in many levels to train the students in travel & tourism. Akbar Academy is an award winning IATA Training centre offering various courses. The IATA-UFTAA Foundation course is the 1st course in this ladder. After completing this course, the student can prepare for the 2nd course IATA-UFTAA Consultant course. IATA GDS Ticketing course is another of the IATA travel course. Most of Akbar Academy Centers include these courses in their curriculum. The IATA Diploma course is internationally recognized and students seeking employment abroad prefer this course.

FIATA Courses

Increase in travel also leads to growth in cargo business. Akbar Academy centers also offer the FIATA Courses as follows:
1.FIATA Cargo Introductory Course
2.FIATA Cargo Rating
3.Dangerous Goods Handling

CRS Training

Travel industry being in the forefront of technological advancement, Reservations and Ticketing have been automated and gds (global distribution systems) are universally used by Travel Agents. In India Amadeus, Galileo and Abacus systems are present in the agency office. Akbar Academy has entered into agreement with these gds systems to provide reservation training such as Galileo course, Abacus course and Amadeus course to our students on these systems.

Practical experience

Akbar Travels of India with its 100 plus offices in India, catering to passenger and cargo business offers a very good opportunity to the staff to gain hands-on training. While on training at Akbar Travels of India office, the student is exposed to all types of business and gains confidence in working under all conditions.

Get trained by experts!

In addition to classroom training on various topics, the students are given guest lectures by industry experts. This increases their knowledge and skill in the industry. Tourism Departments of various countries visit the Academy centers regularly to give destination training to the students. Various department heads handling car rental, holiday travel, foreign exchange and visa services visit the Academy and share their knowledge and experience.

How To Find An Smtp Server When Traveling

People who travel on business know its critical to stay in contact with the home office. But when you travel, being away from the office doesnt mean you can ignore your email (as much as youd like to). So after a brutal day of back-to-back meetings, the absolute worst thing is trying to untangle a technical issue especially if it means fooling with your email settings.

Unable to check email? You may need to find a new SMTP Server
If you have a problem and cant retrieve email on your personal laptop or smart phone, stand by for good news. The solution may lie in merely changing your SMTP server settings. So what is SMTP? It is a routine that email applications use to correctly route your email over the WWW. Email goes to an SMTP server before getting sent to the correct person. However if the SMTP server was configured to a local Internet Service Provider, it cant function if youre away from home!

Be sure to select a global SMTP Server
In order for your email to function around the globe, you must select a global SMTP server. Global SMTP servers allow you to read and send your business email from a cell phone or PC from any global location. Once you make the change, you wont have to reset your email settings again.

Instructions for finding and changing an SMTP SMTP Server in Outlook
See instructions for Outlook 2007:

1) In the Tools menu in Outlook, go to ‘Account Settings’.
2) Identify your email account, click Change
3) Change the Outgoing email server (SMTP) to a global SMTP server (recommended links are below). Dont touch the Incoming mail server setting. Click ‘More Settings’.
4) Click ‘Outgoing Server’ tab. Uncheck ‘My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication’. Click the ‘Advanced’ tab.
5) Change your Outgoing server (SMTP) Port Number to 2525. Alternate ports are 25, 8025 or 587. For ‘Use the following type of encrypted connection’ select None.

Congrats! Now you can check your email from any location around the world. This will save time and headaches next time you travel.

Travelgenio As Well As Travel2be Starts An Airlines Travelers Satisfaction Survey Form

The internet travel agency Travelgenio, with its second manufacturer, Travel2be, has made a novelty study to know the satisfaction of the airlines travelers and the general evaluation of the actual flight experiences.

With an online questionnaire, 145000 passengers were asked about their opinion about the experiences they had throughout their last flights and all of the factors that influence them in a positive or negative way on the final satisfaction.

From the results of this survey, the potential airlines customers have between 41 and 55 years of age (37, 63%) with research level where the 77, 73% have some kind of univertity degree and are actually working (77, 26%). Despite this – says Mariano Pelizzari, Travelgenios CEO – the very first motivation for passengers to get on board is turism or leisure (45, 02%), followed by family or even friends visits (30, 41%).

Talking about airlines businesses, it is well valorated the facility to make the check in (74, 05% thinks about this inside a positive way), actually extended on its online version, that makes easier as well as faster the boarding. The issue of including luggage within the ticket price is well valorated for the 47, 07%.

One of the the majority of determinant fact for purchasing a plane ticket is price. As Pelizzari explains, 68, 04% of passengers are searching for an acceptable or excellent price before making their reservations.

The space left for legs isn’t good evaluated. 40, 9% of the asked travelers think isn’t enough. However, hand luggage space is valorated in a positive way by 51, 20%. From the results of Travelgenio’s and Travel2bes travelers satisfaction survey, 72, 16% of the customers situate this issue in acceptable (41, 92%) and excellent (30, 24%).

Mariano Pelizzari says it’s surprising how buying habits have changed on a few years. Actually, 70, 47% of the clients buy their tickets with an online travel agency whilst only the 25, 83% purchase them directly in the airlines web. He also addes 66, 43% of the passengers have used an internet price searcher for locating the destinations while only 17, 05% of them go directly to a few of the online travel agencies like Travelgenio

91, 39% of the users recognize that price is the most decisive aspect for the final decision, as well as 74, 34% declares that schedule is also important for them.

Finally, Mariano Pelizzari clarifies the trustworthiness of the travel agency or website is taken into account by 51, 85% of the respondents, while 42, 89% also think it is necessary a concrete flight organization. This are data we should consider carefully.

Golden Triangle India Travel

Golden Triangle India Tour begins with the capital city of New Delhi. The seat of political power and many governmental officials, New Delhi is a city of political patronage. Delhi has many facets from being an important metropolitan city; its roots are still firmed in the ground. From huge skyscrapers to multinational companies it has still preserved its heritage lineage. You can witness this at the various heritage ancient monuments erected in Delhi since time immemorial that include Red fort, Jama Masjid, India Gate, Qutub Minar, Humayun’s Tomb, Lotus Temple and lots more.
Golden triangle India tour gives an impending glimpse into the grandiose, colonial, entrancing, and pictographic in addition to distinguished and noteworthy grandeur of India in the course of the tripod of memorable urban and royally cities celebrated the same as Delhi, Agra, along with Jaipur which confer and award an unusual break in the direction of the vacationer en route to travel around the purity, radiance, polish and glorious supremacy of the mesmerizing territory of India.

Implausible and fantastic city of Delhi is the conurbation of prosperous historical luminosity as well as grand regal serration is the framework and high-flying building block of Golden triangle tours which proffer varied informative, revealing and sequential bequest in the realistic scenic bystander of Delhi Red fort, Humayun tomb, India Gate, Jama Maszid, Raj Ghat Gandhi memorial, Qutub Minar in addition to copious museums, holy place, along with tombstone is the astonishing manifestation and exhibition of the marvelous fortress fabricated by the various empire who ruled Delhi the center and broad-based conurbation of improbable India.

The next stop after Delhi is awe-inspiring Agra. It is a home to the stunning Taj Mahal that magnetizes the visitors with its alluring beauty. It was constructed by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of his dearest wife Mumtaz Mahal. It is a perfect place to visit, especially for the married couples as they can stand in front of the Taj Mahal and take lovely pictures for the long-lasting memories. Some of the other notable destinations of Agra are the Fatehpur Sikri, Agra Fort and Akbar Tomb. The design and the architectural work on these historic buildings will certainly amaze the visitors.

Jaipur the pink city of India is famous for its enthralling forts and palaces, captivating havelis, colourful shop lanes and lively fairs and festivals. Large number of tourists come here to explore the leftover saga of Raj culture. The mind-blowing monuments of this place are a testimony to the glory of royal dynasties who ruled this place for centuries. The famous structures which are visited by large number of tourists are Hawa Mahal, City Palace, Amber Fort and Jantar Mantar. This fabulous city of India is also renowned for its number of fairs and festivals which add vibrancy to it. The Kite festival and elephant festival are two most popular festivals of Jaipur.

One-of-a-kind Site Offers Premier Golf Travel Planning Experience

Creating a golf travel vacation package can be a daunting experience even for the most seasoned internet, travel savvy consumer. Although there is plenty of information on the web, having to toggle between the various sites in order to compare locations and make an educated guess on the ideal course and hotel selection can quickly squelch the excitement of an upcoming trip. Not to mention attempting tackle the issue of private versus public courses.
That is where comes in. The golf travel website, which features a Google based mapping application, allows travelers to simultaneously search and view golf course facilities and lodging locations in order to efficiently plan their optimum golf travel vacation experience based on skill level and budgetary goals. Consumers simply enter their target destination in the easy-to-use search engine and are returned a map showing golf courses and hotels within the direct vicinity. Also the site only displays courses open to the general public which saves on planning time and aggravation.
Recently the Golf Travel Association introduced consumers to its newly remodeled website which has easier search functions and improved design to further satisfy the needs of the golfing consumer. The new enhancements come as a result of direct feedback and input from travelers as well as extensive consumer research.
“We are very proud of the PlayGolfandStay site and have received exceptional feedback from our membership base as well as the general public,” said Trevor Adams, vice president of research, Golf Travel Association. “We anticipate strong future association growth due to our exceptional services, vast consumer reach, and a proven ability to deliver golf travel reservations to our member locations.”
From the consumer perspective, the company has made the improvements that consumers asked for, making it easier for people to find and book the right combination of golf course and hotel for their travels. And from the Golf Travel Association membership perspective, the site is instrumental in driving golf travel to their courses and/or hotels without the added financial burdens of distribution channel costs, transaction fees or rate markups typically required by other travel booking sites.
Recent enhancements are part of the Golf Travel Associations overall 2010 strategy which has included advancements into social media as well as a free iPhone application which is expected to debut prior to year-end 2010. For now the site continues to offer travelers a fun and useful online refuge for building their golf-centric adventures.
Visit or or for more information.

Senior Travel Packages, Tips And Benefits

Senior travel packages that cater to the needs of seniors are a great place to start when you’re planning your next vacation. Many seniors consider travel an integral part of retirement and want the easiest and most cost effective means possible when deciding how and where to go.
There are many choices when it comes to travel packages specifically designed for seniors. Finding the package that fits your specific need can be daunting given all the choices that are available these days. However, once you take the time to find a good package, you will be excited about what you get for your money.
Growing older and entering the ranks of senior citizens has advantages. Less expensive travel packages for seniors are available throughout the year. Many even offer better discounts during off seasons or at times when most people cannot travel because they have jobs. You may need to be a member of a senior citizen organization or some other organization like AARP, to take advantage of some of the cheap travel packages for seniors. However, in most cases all that’s required is proof of age.
Here are a couple of ideas to consider for your next trip:
– Group cruise travel

– Travel trekking adventures

– Luxury senior vacations

– Escorted senior tours

– Romantic getaway

– Salmon fishing in Alaska
As part of a senior travel package you will receive many good discounts on things such as hotel accommodations, travel arrangements and any activities that may be available in the area. This is a huge incentive for taking advantage of some of the package deals that are available.
Another benefit from senior travel packages is they often include some form of health coverage and travel insurance. Research coverage offered carefully, to determine what conditions apply. This can also be a huge incentive if this type of service is important in your travel plans.
A great benefit to selecting a senior travel packages is that they sometimes include itineraries off the beaten track adventures. The companies that provide these packages plan every detail carefully to appeal to the senior traveler, making your vacation more special.
Senior travel packages are growing in popularity because of the one stop shopping, lifestyle choices and ease custom tailored travel experiences. These packages offer great discounts, interesting things to see and do and takes care of every important detail.
Keep in mind that when you are senior in years, many things that you took for granted are serious concerns. Senior travel is a wonderful way to spend your senior years. Don’t allow things that “might happen” deter you from seeing the many wonders of the world.
Joel Williams is a recognized authority on the subject of senior citizens. His website, provides a wealth of informative articles and resources on everything you’ll ever need to know about senior living matters.
Log on senior travel packages, senior travel tips, senior travel benefits and much more!!

Travel Light With Crinkle Cotton Dresses

It is summertime and the holiday season looms, but there is always the dilemma of what to pack and what to leave behind. With the restrictions on luggage, this has become even more important. There are a couple of options available to you: buy your wardrobe at your destination; take a change of clothes and wash the spare set every day; or invest in a crinkle finish cotton dress.

Crinkle finish cotton dresses are the perfect way to travel light and to have something smart and presentable to wear when you reach your destination. All you have to do is roll them up and stuff them in your suitcase or your carry-on baggage. Because of the crinkly finish, they will be as good as the day you bought them when you get your destination.

They also minimise the need to take a travel iron on your journey. Quite often, you want to take a pretty cotton dress to wear on your holidays, but are limited by the fact that you have nowhere to hang it once you get there and really dont want to spend hours ironing when you are on holiday. A crinkle cotton dress never needs ironing as the unique fabric keeps its shape and is good to wear straight from your travel bag.

Crinkle cotton dresses provide a great range of styles to choose from too. There is always a worry with crinkle finish clothes that you might end up looking like you walked out of Woodstock well, things have moved on since the mid sixties and the styles are now designed to work as well in an office setting or at an evening meal as they would on the beach or at a garden party. These cotton dresses are cool and stylish in attractive, tasteful colours as well as some brighter, more vibrant styles. They are in plain colours for those of us who like to put more thought on accessories or in patterns and ethnic colours. With African prints one of the fashion trends for the summer there really isnt any better time to buy into this look.

Whats more, they cross the generations and look great on anyone regardless of age.

A cotton dress is a great addition to your wardrobe; it offers comfort, style and practicality. It also doesnt have the problems of washing that can be the case with other materials. Most cotton can be washed in a washing machine on a regular cycle, just always be careful if it brightly coloured as you dont want everything to end up the same colour as your dress!

The Dynamism Of Travel Writing

We live in a world that thoroughly relies only and only on the internet. Google, Yahoo and other search engines are not just plain search engines that help you gain useful information, they are our guardian angels that guide us and lead us to the right path. Blog content writers on the internet are like confidants and counsellors; they guide you through every difficulty by solving it with their words of wisdom. They not only educate people on topics people have never heard of, but also offer a different perspective on topics and issues like you may have never imagined before. Travel writers are the most erudite and brilliant lot among all the writers present on the internet. Through their content writing on travel, these writers are known not only to impress the viewers, but also convince the readers to roam or fly across places that they have never heard of. This lot of writers make the most simplest of the simplest places seem entrancing and enchanting. Travel writers through their fascinating and awe-inspiring way of writing, are known to excite people to go to places which they had not known of or explored before. It may sound like an effortless task for the reader, but in reality it is not that easy how it seems to be. To write something bewitching and enticing about a place a writer first needs to believe in that place. As blog content writers, writing brilliant articles is not what comes to you automatically, it is something that you create with your knowledge, confidence in what your writing and research. These three words form the core of every remarkable article. The articles that they bring to you are solely based on their artistic and aesthetic skills which they imbibe together while presenting travel based articles to you. Their power of imagination plays a huge role in their content writing on travel as this is what makes viewers believe in the surreal world they create through their sense of imagination. Everybody with a sense of imagination can make surreal concepts look real, but only a travel writer can make you believe in a hypnagogic concept and persuade you to believe in it completely. The best thing about travel articles is they not only take you to a paradise like world while reading it, but also push you forward to explore an unseen and unheard destination which you might not regret going to. So the next time you plan to visit a place which you have never visited before just remember, it was not your mind or knowledge taking you there, but the power of the words and imagination of a travel writer that is taking you to an unknown unseen place.

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A Short Note About Travel Guides

Travel guide book is the best travel companion. It is an essential part of traveling. It offers wonderful knowledge about the places you must see, the place where you will get good food and the place for your accommodation. It also explains the culture and more insight about the travel destination. This would save the time of searching the resources. With the help of travel books, you can get complete knowledge about the place and become more accustomed to a place within a short period.

We find a broad range of travel books. Some books would only covers the main things that would help the travelers. Few books are specialized and explain you starting from the basic things. Some travel books are more specific for a particular sort of travel groups. You can find a wide range of travel books for individual travelers, backpackers, adventure travelers and vegetarians.

Generally, travel guide books would help you explaining about all the information required to reach the particular travel destination and this would help you to get rid of the inconvenience. But then, few travelers would feel uncomfortable to use precious luggage allowance for simply carrying books. For these kind of travelers you get travel E books which could be easily carried and accessible.

The advantages of travel E-Books:

A wide collection of E Books available on the web. Most of the travel websites provide travel guides as a PDF download. These can be downloaded onto a reading device and it can be carried wherever you go. Most of the E books contain photograph and illustration of the place, though they are in black and white. The advantages of travel E Books are,

1. It is easy to carry. You can download number of e books that interests you and some time you can keep them as a PDF document

2. The cost would be much lesser than the travel guide books you purchase.

3. Travel E Books can be browsed and purchased from the internet. You can download them instantly as soon as you complete the payment.

4. Travel E books are easily accessible using the reading device provided along with that.

5. Reading device contains additional functionality such as bookmarking. This could help you to have an instant access to the specific pages. For example, if you need an information about the particular place from over a wide range of book. You no need go through each page, instead you get a quick access to that particular page you are looking.

Travel E books are always economical while we get many options along with that. It provides wonderful information about the destinations. Apart from E books, we get travel guides in wide formats. Even you can purchase the audio travel guides. This would be really interesting and we can feel like going with the human companion. Over all, travel guides are mandatory to have a safe and wonderful adventure.

Used Travel Trailers For Sale Now At Their Lowest Prices, Here’s How To Find Them

It’s easy to go out and buy a brand new RV if you have lots of money to spend. Many of us, though have found used travel trailers for sale at far better prices. Right now is an excellent time to be searching for a used RV, because many owners are having to sell to save money, or to gain a little extra to help their financial situation.

Always start searching for the ideal RV in your local area. If you are lucky enough to find one, you will save on traveling and transport costs. Look in your local newspaper or search Craigslist on the internet to see if there are any used travel trailers for sale. Craigslist has a search page for each city. If there are none in your area and you are impatient to start RVing, you may need to broaden your search to other nearby cities. Sometimes the extra drive is worth it for the best RV deal.

A word of caution when buying an RV from an owner. While some owners simply want to get rid of the vehicle regardless of the price they get, most want the highest price possible to complete their financial obligations, buy a new RV or to improve their general situation. You may still get a better price than from a dealership who has put their mark-up on the RV, but is it the best that you can get?

Your lowest price option will be to find a used travel trailer for sale at an auction. Lately, there have been many RVs and other vehicles that have been repossessed by banks and credit unions. Auctions can be held by the state, county, marshal, sheriff or any other governing body. These RVs are not selling for a profit, only to cover the bank’s, or other institution’s, losses, therefore you are bound to find a bargain. Every month there are many auctions held in every state. You are much more likely to find a good RV at an auction, than waiting for a suitable one to appear in the classifieds.

Your only dilemma is to find the best auctions in your local area. Sometimes auctions are advertised in the newspaper, but there are many more available. They can even be online auctions. The easiest option is to become a member of a website that will give you access to different databases of auctions. They offer varying membership prices for monthly, yearly or lifetime sign-ups.

Your search for the perfect used travel trailers for sale is almost over. Sign up with a good website, choose a promising auction in your area, and have fun getting the best deal possible.